My dimmer 2 is drunk

In my bedroom the dimmer 2 works fine on the app but the wall switch will not turn of the light??

In my hallway the dimmer 2 will not dim the light only on and off…

On my third light it works perfekt…

Does anybody know what to do?

Sorry dude, i don’t have a crystal ball (and i think no-one here does) to enlighten me about the brand and type, the connections you made and what wall switches you use. Maybe it’s wise to give some more detailed information so people will be better equipped to give some help.

(But if it’s really drunk, feed it a glass of tomato juice with a good shot of Tabasco in it.)


Yes, by now we all know you are a fortune teller who keeps hanging in the past…
Why don’t you look again en tell him how to solve it, that would be far more beneficial.

Guys, please keep it on topic :slight_smile:

@Kristoffer_K to help you with your issue we need a little more information. Could you provide the brand and name of the dimmer which you are experiencing issues with? What did you already try to resolve the issue? Without this information it is a bit of a wild guess what the issue might be :slight_smile:

Okay, I’ll try to make it more understandable.

Problem 1:
I have a pils switch connected to a dimmer 2 with bypass. . When I plug in the bypass device, the pulse switch will no longer turn off the light. if I press it it goes into dimming mode …
I’ve tried resetting dimmer 2, but it won’t let the pulse switch work normally.
PS. The light works as it should by using the Homey app on my phone.

Problem 2:

Pulse switch with a dimmer 2. Everything works fine but the app will not dim the light. I have the same set up farther down the hall where it prefects.

Problem 3:
When I try to open Homey software on my computer, the program sends me straight to a new web browser where I can download the mobile app.

Don’t understand how I can then open the Homey program on PC. I expect I have more editing options than on mobile.

If I click on the homey butten its sends we wright here…

First of all, for all the people that have difficulty searching the forum or determining the device you’re talking about: it’s a Fibaro Dimmer 2, right?

Second: the PC software for Homey doesn’t work with Homey v2 anymore. You have to use the mobile app, and for some functionality there are separate web apps:

Yes its a Fibaro Dimmer 2.

So if i understad you correctly all of Homey action are now done from a mobile phone and not true the PC?

The “old” PC application won’t work anymore, no. You can still do a lot (making flows, adding devices, etc) from your PC though, as I said, but not through a single interface as before but only through various different websites.

So, how are the wires connected exactly and did you alter the settings in the dimmer 2 module? For example there are options to be set regarding puls switch and regular switch and puls switch behavior.

I was my electrician that connected the Fiabro dimmer 2 units so i dont know how the are wired. But all of the units in my house is connected the same way and most of them work fine.

It also worked fine before i connected the bybass it just diddent turn of the light completely.

Bypass is connected with blue and black that comes out of the dimmer 2.

Did you perform a recalibration after installing the bypass? And I assume that the bypass is connected across the load?

I think a have solved the problem. My electrician had mounted the cables in the dimmer 2 wrong. S1 and Sx was mixed up so i just turnd my light swich around, now the push is up and working!!! Thanks for trying to help me

New problem!!
I have deleted it from my homey app and when i try to add it again i get a message that its already added, but I do not have any icon in the app?

Great now everything is workin :slight_smile:

Do you ave any tutorial on how to setup a flow? I have a fibaro motion sensor that i want to create a flow with.

  1. detect when sombody enters the hallway
  2. turn on the ligth
  3. turn of again after 3 min

Very nice you solved the problem. For next questions about totally other things please use the search function and be amazed.
Gonna close this topic as it’s been solved and going off topic now. If you have any problems with that, please contact a moderator via pm.