Slow response times between KaKu and Tradfri

I am using about 20 KaKu switches (awst9000) together with some IKEA Tradfri lightbulbs (±20) and KaKu build in dimmers (±20) (for example ACM-250-LD and AWMD-250) all working on Zigbee as far as i know. I am running homey version 7.1.1 and updating automaticaly.
I hoped that the communication between these devices would be fast because I kept it by only 2 different brands but the average reaction time is around 2 seconds and some times the lights or dimmers don’t even respond at all. When I use the flows in my Homey app, they always respond and the response time is a bit better.

I am not using any bridges because I was told that this isn’t required and that Homey is the bridge in this case.

I also need to say that there is no AWST-9000 in the KaKu app so I have selected the AWST-8802 instead. This also results in the mix-up between the left and right buttons.

My house has 3 levels with each around 90m² and my homey is postioned at the first floor. I am using Ubiquity for my wifi network and have a good wifi coverage on each floor.

If you have any suggestions, tips or questions to improve my set up, please let me know.

> Kika

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I guess you searched the community and didn’t find much issue’s for kika

Productlijn Start Line (433MHz)

Same for awst …

And I really hope you don’t put trådfri lights behind KAKU dimers…

Sorry, i meant KaKu and off course i don’t use smart bulbs behind smart dimmers. I only use the smart dimmers on led lights and drivers to make them smart.

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Are you saying that the dimmers and switches aren’t using Zigbee but a 433mhz signal?

Yes, that’s what he’s saying. Also what Klikaanklikuit are saying.

So it’s a bit of a mystery when you say that “When I use the flows in my Homey app, they always respond and the response time is a bit better”. Because how can you not use flows to control the Zigbee lights from 433Mhz remotes?

I meant that when I directly start/test a flow in the Homey app instead of pressing the physical switch on my wall.

Kaku with zigbee is “Trust Smart Home KaKu” and the modelnames start with a Z.
I also use 433MHz KaKu devices, and starting a flow with a wall push switch takes around 2secs