Poor response time

Poor response time from pressing a HUE light switch to quibino controlled light.
The response time ranges from 3 to 10 seconds.
Anyone a clue on how to improve this.
I have latest homey sw : 5.11

did you connect the switch directly to homey or to the hue bridge?
Devices connected to the hue bridge have a bit latency in responding because of the polling.

And the polling is 7 seconds iirc

Thanks for your hint.
I now try to connect the switch directly to Homey using the philips huie zigbee sw just installed on Homey.

this does not work however; the on flow and off flow tests work well but using the hue dimmer buttons does not work.

any ideas?

best regards Bertus

I understand the 7 secs is a hue bridge feature …so I will now try to connect directly to homey

Hue dimmer switch, more people had some issues with that. I also have one didnt work but that’s was way back, and it ended up in a drawer somewhere. I Will look it up and test it tonight.

mine also isn’t working yet, shows up as an unknown device at developer page.

take a look here: https://github.com/sebbebebbe/com.philips.hue.zigbee/issues/8
People claiming they have working dimmers again so… it should work. i will give it some time and try again later on.

Later —> restart homey and the dimmer is operational