Ikea bulbs slower than other brands?

My Ikea bulbs are rrrrrrrrreally slow to react some times. Does anyone know if this is an Ikea problem? Zigbee? Are there any other zigbee devices that react faster? Wifi? I wanted to try wifi the other day, but living in an apartment building with lots of wifi traffic I have some wifi hiccups now and again and was unsure if it would be wise…

What is “rrrrrrrrreally slow”?

It’s not an inherent IKEA problem, I’ve never had issues with IKEA lights being slow.

Up to 15-20 seconds at the worst. But…could be 2.4GHz problems, as there are lots of wifi routers here in the building.

And is this IKEA Trådfri directly connected with zigbee to Homey?
Or are you using IKEA Trådfri Gateway App for Homey | Homey

They’re all connected directly. The delay seems to be slightly shorter if I control them directly, but in flows it doesn’t seem to matter if I just have the one Ikea bulb or several devices.

What’s the load on your Homey? See Homey Developer Tools, search for loadavg.

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If you have a relative new Homey Pro (the dual-core one), your system is slightly overloaded. If you have an older Homey Pro (the single-core one) your system is quite overloaded.

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As said, by Robert try to lower the load.
check the number off apps and there load.
And check that flows aren’t looping or continues ( unnecessary) running.
Try to prevent sending unnecessary signals ( fe send off to a light that was already off over and over again )

Thanks. What numbers should I be looking for? I’ll see if I can get rid of some apps…

EDIT: I have the 2019 version, by the way

There’s 2 versions of that :wink:

Screenshot from 2022-10-23 22-06-43

Ah, right. I didn’t get the pro…

How should I read the load, and what should I aim for?

My avg load atm: loadavg [0.86, 1, 1.06] but that is just the current value;
When I look in Insights, it hardly reaches less than 1 (100%)

First try to temporary disable as much apps which you don’t really need, and then check insights after a while.
What I also do is: enable an app when it is needed (like checking on the flowers) and disable it the rest of the day.

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