Delay turing on/off Ikea E27 Warm Whitle bulbs?

I just setup the 5 Beta FW on my second hand 2019 Homey and added Aqara sensors + a set of new Ikea Warm White bulbs. Everything works, but there is a very annoying delay (almost 1s) when turning Ikea bulbs on/off from the app. This is obviously unacceptable in some scenario’s where you expect instant light. I hardly see any delay at all with wifi lamps or a Zigbee Mi Smart Plug, they turn on pretty much instantaneously.

A search didn’t turn up much , so I am wondering if others experience the same delay? Or could it be related to the 5.0 Beta FW?

Did you do a full Zigbee reset after upgrading to v5?

It was a second hand Homey that was already reset with 4.2 installed, which I upgraded to 5 before adding devices. I will try a full reset.

It would be reassuring to at least know this is not normal and should be fixable. :slight_smile:

Update: just tried a Zigbee reset and that did not help. Really takes a full second before the bulb turns on. :frowning:

Might be a known issue with those bulbs:

Thanks! Actually it does look like a bit like that, it’s even worse at lower brightness! I would guess 0.8s at 100% up to 1.5s delay at 5% brightness. Either way, I’m not too happy with them.

If this is default behavior then I would expect a lot more complaints, so I am still hoping there is a fix/workaound. Most issues I could find are related with more extreme delays like 5s or minutes, which obviously are caused by something completely different (GW/Mesh). In my case the bulb is now the only paired device (after a Zigbee reset), and in the same room as the Homey. May have to consider downgrading to 4.2 to see if that works better.

Would be nice to know from other owners of these E27 bulbs to share their experience: does anyone get a fast resonse? Or maybe I should exchange all 7 of them for Lidl bulbs.

[Update] I just bought a couple of Osram Smart+ dimmable bulbs (Ledvance?) from (€7,99) and they seem to respond faster. I’d say about 0.3s regardless of brightness level, just acceptable. I’m still surprised that wifi based lights seem to respond faster.