Siri for non-HomeKit enabled Z-wave devices

Is it possible to power on/off a non-Homekit compatible Z-wave device using Siri, through Homey?
The device (Fibaro Smart Implant) shows up in Homekit, but nothing happens when I toogle on/off.
I found one solution via IFTTT, webhook and Apple Shortcuts, but it’s kind of a cumbersome method with delay.

I use virtual devices for this (zigbee though). Works perfectly for any device.

But how do you get it to perform an action on Homey? I can add a virtual device on Homey and it’s synced to HomeKit, but if I change status in HomeKit nothings happenes on Homey?

A virtual button alone won’t do anything. You need to make a flow that says “when virtual button is pressed” and “button is on” then “turn on zwave device”.

But I have to say that 80% of my devices directly work in HomeKit.