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Since 1.5.13 many devices report unresponsive every day

Before switching to 1.5.13 i had a flow that reports a device unresponsive after 1 day of no responses. This worked fine, every time my shed door sensor had an empty battery (which happens randomly because i use rechargeable batteries and the device itself doesn’t report battery alarms), it reported unresponsive a day later.
However, since i switched to 1.5.13 a few days ago, almost all of my battery powered sensors and even the Coolcam powered wall switch are timing out every day.

Can it be there has been a change in how devices report to or how reports are treated by Homey?

Are there more people who experience this behavior?

I tried using this long ago (last year I think), but had the same problem you are having.
So I don’t think it’s something specific to 1.5.13…

Strange. This didn’t happen before the upgrade, only the device which suffers from severe battery drain reported unresponsive every few weeks.

I have the same issue with 2 of my radiator valves (z-wave devices that use FLIRS if that’s applicable). A reboot of Homey seems to temporarily ‘fix’ it. I am currently performing a PTP-procedure to see if that helps.

Even more strange: after the last (spontaneous) reboot, the problem disappeared and only really unresponsive devices get reported. While i did a ptp and a reboot in the last 2 weeks…
Very mysterious…