Shutdown (sleep on lan) computer via SSH using SSH client app

Don’t know if this was already discussed before but I have a nice flow that shutdowns my computer when I leave the house.

Here goes:
If you have enabled ssh in your OS you can use the SSH client app to shutdown Windows for example.

  1. You have to add your computer as a new SSH server by clicking SSH client (yes that’s confusing)
  2. Once you’ve established the connection the only thing left to do is to create a flow that sends this command:

"shutdown -s -t 60 -f -c “Apparently you are not at home, computer will shutdown in 60 seconds”

I use it with a delay, so I have one minute to cancel the shutdown (a flow with command shutdown /a) if by some accident Homey thinks I left the house.

Hopefully this is useful for some of you.


Did similar but with webhooks :slight_smile:

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