How do I monitor a server on my LAN?

HI all, I am using Homey now for some time and created several simple flows to switch on and off my lights which is working perfectly.

Now I want to do something else, but do not see through the trees the forest anymore (not sure if this is proper english).

What I want to establish: I have a server running on a raspberry pi and sometimes it happens that (for whatever reason) the server stops responding and I want to be notified of this after say 5 min of not beeing reachable. Maybe even eventually I want to be able to switch off and on the rasp-pi again in a flow (using a simple kaku unit).

So is this possible and if so how do I do this?

I have a simple app in the store called Netscan.
It simply checks for a response from an IP address and port.
If you server can respond then the app will set the state to online but if no response is given then it sets the state to offline.
The change in state can then be used as a flow trigger.


Yup, perfect app for the job!

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Got it and tested it successfully! Thank you @Adrian_Rockall !!

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