Activate flow when lan device is active


Now that the app NetScan doesn’t work anymore on the latest Homey firmware, does anyone have an alternative way to execute a flow when a network device (receiver with static IP) comes online?
I’ve tried the UniFi app that has a presence function, but my receiver does not have WiFi and is wired, it does not show up in the UniFi controller when it’s powered on.

Thanks for any ideas on how to accomplish this.

Well, maybe the author of the app can update it?

Smart presence app is scanning IPs and has flow triggers for online/offline. You can create Homey devices for each IP device and react on triggers in flows.

Doesn’t that functionality require you to run an app on a server (or raspberry pi) elsewhere in the network?

Yeah it basically tries a connection attempt and interprets the result of that to detect if a device was there or just nothing. Simple as that.
I would expect that NetScan does the same. Maybe.

Do you know of a way to get in contact with the developer of this app?

Hmm… you could generate a diagnostic report and put your contact info into the message. The developer usually gets an email notification when such is done.

I mean, a daig report of the app, not homey itself. Under More->Apps->AppName->LittleGearIcon->Generate Diag Report

The “Smart presence” app just scans the IPs you set in the options.
I use this for presence check of mobile phones instead of build in presence. I also check Homey state to restart if offline for a while.

“person” device for smart presence with IP settings:

Flow triggered when device gets offline:

This should work for you to check if a device gets online. Perhaps the delay for the check is too long.

But I can’t install the app on Homey because of version incompatibility…so no way to run a diagnostics report.

Okay, and this should work without running extra software on a raspberry Pi?

yes. Only the Homey app, nothing else.

Thanks! I’ll give this a try tonight :slightly_smiling_face:

This solution works, tnx!