Power OFF PC with Homey

I have the WOL app set up on Homey which works great, but what I’d really like to be able to do is power off/sleep/hibernate my PC with Homey

Anyone know a way (preferably secure…)


Unfortunatly this is not something that can be controlled easily with default windows/tools. One approach would be to install a nodejs / apache webserver that has a script that is able to do so. This script would then be called by Homey whenever you want.

To make it ‘secure’ you could add a whitelist to the script so that only Homey (or any other allowed devices) is allowed.

But still this will be a challenge to get it to work

Surprise there isnt a little program you can install that listens out for a packet with a password or something (pure conjecture…)

Maybe this link 5 Methods to Shutdown Remote Computers from LAN or WAN gives you an idea.

Good link - sadly all need software or inputs on the other side it seems…

Might not be what you are looking for but I use a Chrome extension on my laptop called Join to send commands from Homey to my laptop. You could also install the Join app from the Microsoft app store Together with the (portable) software EventGhost you can perform pretty much any action you want on your PC.

Not the easiest and cleanest solution but it will certainly get the job done.

Just been looking - I think i’m missing the Homey->PC method here…

So I install (and pay) for Join (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/join/flejfacjooompmliegamfbpjjdlhokhj)

I can see how that works between machines, but I don’t see a Homey skill? Or are you using some other way for Homey to communicate with it?

You will need the HTTP Homey app to send GET requests to a personalized cloud URL which will forward it to you Chrome extension.


Found the above - seems you can sleep using a web address - http://ip_address_of_your_pc:port_you_selected/command

Question - what would I need on my homey to call that command as part of a flow?


With the program from www.triggercmd.com you can send commands to your PC using, for example, Google assistant.
If Some of our talented app makers could be persuaded to make a homey app for it, it would greatly enhance homeys functionality!
An API for triggerCMD is available on their website.

http://www.ireksoftware.com/SleepOnLan/ works great and minimizes to the tray on win10.
Just use the build-in http-request from Homey:

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