Activate PC function with voice

Is there any way to easily setup or can anyone help me with the following?

I am streaming Virtual reality gameplay and I’m looking for a way to give voice commands to Homey and let homey do a function on my PC

Easy example is Start recording or stop recording.

I see there is a Streamdeck integration but I need that to work the other way around.

very much appriciated

Hi @BearDog,
welcome to the community forum :smiley:

I am using this little fella to realize such things:
It is basically a little webhook server you can run on windows and send webhooks to it from Homey.
I primarily use it to shutdown all my systems but you can basically call any command with it.

Cheers!. Are there any help guides? I’m not really good with code etc.

For sending the webhooks to you PC you can use this app here for example:

For the PC side you just need to grab this webhook executable and set up your commands in this hooks config file. It is rather well documented on the github wiki I liked you.

The only problem you will really face is how to trigger the commands on the PC. So you need something which can be executed on the PC side to do the trick.

I’ll dive into it.

Just to conform

say I have a recording program which has a hotkey setyp ALT+9 to start a recording.

I setup a flow in Homey

I say Start recording to Homey
Homey send a command to my pc through the webhook to perform action ALT+9

My program should start recording.

Is this how it works?

Sorry for teh questions but as mentioned I know my PC stuff but not much about coding

Alt+F9 sounds like nvidia :smiley:
I think the webhook utility cannot direclty issue a keypress. But it should be possible to call a utility from it to mimic that keypress. Maybe have also a look at autohotkey regarding that. That’s another popular utility.

This is all getting way to complicated for me unfortunately :frowning:

I’m using OBS by the way. You can setup hotkeys in OBS

I was hoping for a quick app but that doesn’t seem to be there (yet) I guess if you can’t write code

Maybe something for you to work on :wink: I would pay for it!

No need. Someone did that already. This is exactly what you are looking for: