Shelly for data from analog temperature sensor


Has anyone used Shelly for integration to Homey before?

I am looking at Shelly 1 + 1PM Temperature Add-on + Shelly DS18B20 Temp. sensor.
These components together should give me the live temperature of the water heater.

Or maybe someone has other options?



You could search the forum and find out that Shelly’s are well supported by Homey :sweat_smile:


Thank you!

I tried to look for the solution that I want to do and schematics for it.
The Shelly app is available to download so there must be a smart device that is often used.

Since you saw my thread, where can I find schematics to connect the temp sensors to a relay and get it online?

Why would you need schematics? The add-on just connects to the Shelly, and the colored wires should speak for themselves.

So which one to use, Shelly 1 or Shelly PM?

Is the sensors on some kind of BUS?
How can you monitor 3 different analog sensors through the same input?

It seems like you’re asking a lot of questions that can be easily answered by Google…

  • the add on is for both the 1 and the 1PM; I’ll leave it up to you to find out the difference between the 1 and the 1PM
  • yes, the sensors are on some kind of bus.

Thank you!

I am kind of new here so I was hoping to get some start help from the forum🌞

Sure you can Google and find a lot of answers. But the thing with a community forum is just that, to share knowledge and pass on ideas and solutions.