Shelly Dimmer 2 on three way switch

I installed a Shelly dimmer in a 3 way switch system, like this:


I installed it in this way:

Obviously this is not correct and it does not work. I am not sure how to do it correctly. Can anyone give me a hint?

The Dimmer2 works exactly as the Dimmer1 in regards to the wiring scheme, so please have a look at: ← three way switch for more wiring diagrams.

Now I needed these diagrams, but they’re not avail anymore on above links: is the new one for the Dimmers

Oh nice, thanks! I didn’t find this one before. I have 2 doubts/questions:

  • It seems I keep the wiring exactly like it was originally. In the picture you send the middle switch looks a bit different wired, but I guess it’s still the same.

  • I have connected my other (simple) switches with the Shelly dimmer 2 on I1 and I2, using the edge switch option. If I only use I1, does that still work with switching on and off?

With simple switches you mean toggle switches, right?

I never installed a 3way switch tbh, I did install a 2 way switch with toggle switches on basically the same way and that worked.

Yes my simple switches I mean the two-switched you find in most homes.

So that’s good news that it should work with only I1. Do you have it set to ‘edge switch’?

Ye, that’s called a '‘toggle’ switch in English. And yes, I did have it set to Edge switch, but now I have replaced them all with momentary switches, which I like much more.

I just tested it and it’s working. Thanks!

Now I wonder why I used both inputs in the other Shelly dimmer/switch combinations I have in my house.