Dimmer Light Brightness

I have added a Shelly 2 Dimmer module to my hall light and I have this to come on at dusk and dim to 27%. The light will then go off around 11pm or wherever I manually switch it off.

All ok so far.

When my wife want to switch the light on she wants it to be a maximum brightness, 100% however when it’s switched on via the light switch (momentary) it comes on at 27% and need to be manually dimmed up.

Is there a flow that I can use to set the brightness to 100% when manually switched on. I know this seems obvious but when I created a flow like

When input 1 turned on
And -
Dim to 100%

The light goes to 100% the instant off.

I can’t figure it out.

I am not sure I understand your problem correctly, but maybe you are using the card to dim to a relative level in stead to dim to an absolute level.

Maybe you can try:
When input 1 turned on
And -
Switch light on
Wait 1sec
Dim to 100%

I’m using the dim to card and set at 100%

I’m also not sure why it doesn’t stay on at that and automatically switches off.

I’m wondering if it’s related to a setting on the Shelly 2 dimmer

As far as I know there are a couple off settings what kind of switch you are using.
Maybe you can make a screenshot off that settings and place it here.


I’m using a Shelly 2 dimmer with a momentary switch

And what happens when u use the Edge switch? With that setting the light will change every time when you press the button.
So when light is on it turns off, when light is of it should go to 100% like the flow says.
That is what I have found.
If not then you should ask it at the Shelly topic.

That made the light stay on when I use the physical switch but it wouldn’t go off even if I created a flow for is to go off.

I’ll see if I can move this to the Shelly page, thanks

Anyone know how I can move this thread to the Shelly page

@gy_1977 And you are sure it is a momentary switch?
Maybe can a moderater @Dijker this thread?

Yes it momentary or retractive as we call it in the UK