Shelly 1L - Add Device => select icon freeze

Dear all,

Today I want to add my 1st shelly device.
It’s working fine until the point I have to select an icon.

If I select ‘use default’ I get an empty screen with ‘Select icon’ title and nothing more happens.
If I select a svg icon I also get an empty screen with ‘Select icon’ title and nothing more happens.

The device is working fine via the integrated web interface. So I think no device problem.
I’ve tried iOS and

Does someone has an idea how this can be solved?

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Solved by fw update.

I am having the same problem with recent firmware…

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Same issue here while trying to add Plug S

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Make sure you enable cloud before checking for newer firmware versions.

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Same Problem here: Shelly1, working well in the shelly App & Cloud, Firmware is up to date, but when I try to connect it with homey, i get the freeze after the Icon-Selection.

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Actually had to update my “Shelly Plug S” once I added it (and in the cloud) today (5th dec 2021) - but still could not get past the “Select icon” - screen in Homey. So the problem is not just in Shelly 1L. :thinking:

I now have three new “Shelly Plug S” for the X-mas lighting that I bought to include in Homey flows… but stuck at this point. :weary:

What firmware version? I just tested a Shelly Plug S with firmware version 20211109-130223/v1.11.7-g682a0db and added it without any issues.

Turned out that I had an old version of the Shelly-app which showed wanting an update after a restart of my control-unit. After that - it flagged that the units needed further update (which it did not do before).

So, finally - with new firmware - just as you pointed out - it worked! :smiley:

Thank you for pushing me to check them all!

Same problem here… trying to add Shelly button 1. Static IP, working fine in Shelly app, but in Homey stuck on select icon. When I use default it freezes. Shelly button firmware is up to date.

Why don’t people just follow the installation instructions.

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