Sharing flows/devices to guests

As the topic suggests, is there a way to setup like a prefix for your guests?
Now my guests registers and get there own homey app, but I dont want them to be able to fiddle around…I would like some kind of app where I set what they can do like turn on/off lights etc and its already in their app when they get it?

Someone understand what Im meaning?I dont have time to teach every guest how to do this and that :smiley:

There is no way to partially give someone some devices unfortunately. Nor devices can be hidden again unfortunately…

Use Homeydash ?

It looked great until I saw it was only for something called Kobo?never heard of

Check again! <–Link, Click.

Yes, I don’t use it. I’m a simple man, that’s a bit to custom for me. :slight_smile: I was refering to official app.

sleep well.

@Rocodamelshekima ahh I tried it fast on the computer looks supernice.

Gonna look into how to easily install it to guests iphones/androids…didnt find anything how to just put something on a phone/pad gonna look into it better when I have the time :slight_smile: