Guest GUI in App

I would like to have a predefined GUI for guest users! Now a (new) guest user has an empty home screen and a terrible amount of devices and flows to go true… For guests that is too difficult. I just need a couple of predefined switches on the home screen and nothing else.

First welcome @Hasse

Second, as you could have read in the welcome post, you need to contact them directly when notice a bug or a feature request. As it isnt possible to read every single post for athom on the forum.

and as 3 something i dont get… :face_with_hand_over_mouth: why you want guests to have the homey app on there Phone? personly cant imagine anything where i need the app for anything different then making flows or maybe monitoring the energie everything is using. So iam just curious :grinning:

Well, all other roles have edit rights and I want other people in the house to use to app for localization flows and such. Also I want to limit the amount of switches on the walls, so the app can be convienient for not so common settings (e.g. all light on full power). I just want nobodyelse to fool around with my settings.

And 4th… why are you guys talking in English?! :wink:

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