Several different push messages only show one

I have several flows that send me push messages in the morning about temperature for yesterday etc.
If there are several push messages sent at once, there will only be one that is shown.

So I view the first one, then go back to the next one, but it will show the first. The same if a third is received.

Does anybody else have this behaviour?

iOS or Android? On iOS I cannot reproduce the problem (a flow that sends three notifications causes all three to be shown on my phone).


But let me better explain the issue. So from the dropdown screen all Message excerpts are shown. When I open the first message, so it shows all text, and is shown in the Homey Android App.
Then when I go back to the drop down, and open the second message, in the Homey Android App, the first message is shown again.

I will try to create a film, that shows this behaviour.

It sounds like an issue with the Android app. Might be worthwhile to notify Athom about it:

Hi Robert.

I was able to create a short video showing that from 3 messages, only the last received is shown.

Any other Android users with the same issue?

Android and same issue since I started with Homey 8 moths ago.
“Solved”, or “workarounded” it for myself to hit the v on the right, so the complete message reveals itself

Thank you Peter.

I will report this issue with Athom.

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