Setting celsius parameter on Philio Tech PSM01-1 Z-Wave 3 in 1 Sensor

I don’t quite understand how to set the celsius in operation mode no. 5, by using bit 3. Now it says 4:

The full manual is here (pdf downloads) :


Should I send some kind of raw parameter with the developer mode? Or should i set a decimal number in the operation mode box? And how do you calculate this number?

I’ve tried reading up on it here:

But i still don’t understand how to calculate it. Please help!

The bits are in terms of binary (8 bits/values of 1’s or 0’s) where “bit 0” is the most right 0 of the binary value and “bit 7” the most left 0.

To (for example) just set celcius (it does enable door/window sensor again) you’ll get binary value 00001000 (bit 3 = 1).
if you convert that to decimal (the value Homey works with), you can use lots of websites on the Internet.
00001000 binary = 8 in decimal

Little bit wierd that the developer of that driver (not necessarily the app developer) sets the value to 4 (00000100), as that disables the door/window function.
But if you want to keep that disabled you need the binary value of 00001100 = 12 decimal

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Thanks for your awesome reply! I would give you 5 out of 5 stars if possible! It was really simple to understand your answer, and how it works now. I feel a bit stupid now, but that’s on my account :stuck_out_tongue:

I will set it to 8, because I don’t want to disable the main functionallity of this sensor :slight_smile:

Thanks again :cake: