ZWave Raw Commands

Hi guys, I’m trying to add raw commands for my fibaro smart implant to open/close my garage door.
I see that the raw values need changing but I can’t get them to save In the homey iOS app?
There is No option to press save or ok etc, I put the data in and press back but nothing happens and when I go back to raw data it’s empty again?
What am I doing wrong?
Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I have no experience with raw commands, I do with other advanced options. The path to save advanced options is confusing. From the raw parameters you need to use back (on the left) but in the (advanced) settings pages you need to push save (on the right).

They wont be truly saved until you save the top level settings I believe, and for battery powered devices you need to wake the device before you push save. If it is saved, you will see a green banner that it succeeded, or one that says it will do so later because the device was asleep.

Wether raw options are accepted in the advanced options page is a hit or miss for me when I try. Sometimes the parameters show up un the advanced page, sometimes the line is blank. I cannot tell if this is because I use testnumbers which aren’t acceptable or it some devices simply won’t allow you to. I do try to hit enter after I put in the parameter string though, it seemed like it made a difference once, but later it didn’t.

It can also be a parse error? The prompt in an empty field says id,size,value and that does not seem to be the format you’re using? Also do not know if you’re supposed to put in hex or decimal.

Settings can’t be saved and will revert to the previous value if any values are invalid, raw parameters can only be numbers (1-9) or hexadecimal (0x00-0xff) and should be within range.

So your value of “1B” for the size is invalid, as this is a number and letter (the “B” makes the value invalid) it should be 1, 2 or 4 (no letters).

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Brilliant! Thank you that did it!
Really appreciate this :slight_smile:

Btw, there are already several topics regarding the use of the SmartImplant in combination with garage doors, including instructions how to setup (Raw Commands) the SI.