Raw zwave command

Hello, how do you do to find the hexadecimal of the params?
I need to send a raw command to the ring led of a Fibaro walli dimmer. I found it s node number.
But i dont know how to target the rig led and set it s color with 0x20, 0x11,… ?

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Omg so I will not be able to do it because Fibaro walli is secured device

Osorkon And many thanks for having answered :wink:

See i found the node number and parameters through the homey app.

But what i am trying to do is when movement happens on sensor then the led of the ring must go colour red for example.

Well is solved that using flows. I had to create 4 flow and virtual button to perform that.
So sexy.
I am homey lover.

Could you post the flows? I would be interested in that too.


Hi let me explain the logic

1/ create a virtual button that when pressed

2/ mouvement sensor when activated then press the virtual button !

Okay, but doesn’t work (for me).
Once pushed the button (manual or via motion sensor) the LEDs are stay on and it’s not possible to switch them of, except via the device settings (parameter 11 and 12).

That was a test for me. In your case, i think another flow is blocking and maybe u neee to set motion alarm timing reset.