Configuration Parameters For Z-Wave

New owner of a Homey Pro and have started to move all my different devices from other hubs and add the ones who is supported on Homey but not on my other hubs.
But I have a question regarding Zwave parameters who isn’t on the advanced tab, but in the list for the device.
Can you add these parameters under the setting “Configuration Parameters For Z-wave”?
In the box beneath, you shall enter id, size, value; id, size, value
Is id the parameter number
Size, the size of the parameter
Value, the value for the parameter

I hope you understand the question?

If I understand correctly you want to send raw commands or realy parameters to the z-wave device?
When you go to the app: More → Settings → Experiments → Power User and switch it on you can in the THEN flow add raw commands.

Hope this will help.
I do not use them, only for one plug and that’s it.

You can send those parameters to your z-wave device using that feature. An example: I have GE light switches but I hate the little blue light being on when the lights are out. Paramter 3, length 1, and options 1, 2, or 3 (find these in the engineering sheets for most zwave devices.)
Simply put 3,1,2 (for off all the time) in that field and save. This will push those parameters to your device and you should see immediate results. (unless it’s a battery device…then you may have to wake it up first)