Setting raw configuration parameters on unsupported device

I have a Fakro SWZ230 window opener which appears as an unsupported Z-wave device. Operating the opener is fine (open/close), however the device doesn’t seem to accept/operate according to the configuration parameters I am sending. Are there any tricks to this or is this not supported on unsupported Z-wave devices?

In the Homey app on the phone, the response is that the data has been saved. The log file shows the following:

[2019-09-09T09:01:50.120Z] Node[8]: [COMMAND_CLASS_CONFIGURATION] [CONFIGURATION_SET] {“type”:“Buffer”,“data”:[7,1,2]}
[2019-09-09T09:01:50.120Z] Node[8]: sendData to COMMAND_CLASS_CONFIGURATION, params 0x04070102
[2019-09-09T09:01:50.126Z] Command[9] start: sendData
[2019-09-09T09:01:50.127Z] ProcessSendData[10]: To node: 8 with data: 0x7004070102 and txOptions: AUTO_ROUTE
[2019-09-09T09:01:50.195Z] Command[9] end: sendData

This to me looks correct. The command should change the speed of the window opener, but this doesn’t happen.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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