Setting capabilities on FIBARO relais


I am complete newbie to Homey but it looks promising already.
To experiment I have bougth FIBARO SGS212 relais switch.

I can add it to the ZWaver network and it is controllable from the Homey app on my smartphone.
Problem is that I want the relais to only close for a short period; not in a bi-stable way.

Therefor I should set parameter 4,5 and a delay timer in another parameter.
Although the device settings show me that such parameters exist I do not seem to be able to alter them.

As I have thougth sometime about purchasing Homey I do not want to buy some other stuff to configure all devices that I am going to operate.

My question : How can I easily (I am not a software developer) change capabilities in (FIBARO) devices ?

@Caseda ^^

You can always put two actions in your flow.
1 action to switch on.
And a second action to switch off again but this one with a delay in seconds.

Did you look at the advanced settings of your device? they are all in there, called the very very obvious names “Auto-off relay” or “Auto-off relay 1/Auto-off relay 2”, though the fgs-212 doesn’t have a parameter 5, that is only the fgs-222 (double relais).


I did that. Functioned well, but then I will always be reliable on this flow to function well.
I’d rather have it programmed in the device itself

You are right. I do have the FGS222 (sorry).
I did see the advanced settings of my device as you describe, but I just don’t know HOW to alter them

Could you pls. be of any assistance over here ?

You click on the setting, type in the amount of seconds you want to let the relay turn off, press the check mark, and press save, it is not that hard.

Yep, I was thinking too hard/complex again.

It’s that simple … thanks mate !!!