Fibaro Double Relay - auto off behavior error

I got two Fibaro Double Relays (FGS-222). On the first relay (Q1-IN) I can enable the “auto-off behavior” to on. On the second relay (Q2-IN) I get an error when I try to enable the “auto-off behavior” and hit save. Error message says "an unknown error has occured (_failed to set auto off to true size 1).

For both Fibaro Double Relays I get the same error message on the second relay.

Running the latest version of the App (2.2.10).

Any ideas?

I got the same error on my FGS-222. I think you need to set ‘Auto-off relay 2’ on the ‘first device’ and not on the ‘second’ one.

I don’t have this issues?
But with Fibaro App v2.4.4
Did you also try to send the Parameters through “Raw configuration parameters”?

Hi - just picking this up after few months - I don’t see the “auto-off relay 2” on the “first device”. Do you get this option in advanced settings?

Thanks for the suggestion. I still have same issue with Fibaro App v2.4.6. Removed the switch today, reset it and added it back to homey network but same issue. Help me a bit - how do I send parameters through “raw configuration parameters”?