Setting advanced parameters Neo Coolcam

I have a Neo Coolcam multi-sensor. This is the most recent version that requires the test version (2.1.8) of the app. All sensors work correctly now. However I am not able to change the advanced parameters. I try to change the luminance threshold (parameter 9). Looks like the default value is 50, I would like to set it to 20. I have changed the value of this parameter in the app and saved it. Just before saving I pushed the ‘wake-up’ button and change was confirmed. However the behavior of the sensor shows still that the value is ‘50’. I have a few questions:

  • What is the exact procedure to change a parameter. I also tried to send a 'raw command (9,1,20).

  • Is there a procedure to find out what the actual values are in the sensor. Is there a kind of query to request all values for the parameters?

Hope someone can provide some guidance here.

Never mind, misread

The procedure as you describe is correct. It doesn’t matter if you use predefined parameters or raw configuration.

Change values, wake up sensor (the sensor usually gives an optical feedback), confirm the changes you made (check mark top right).

Raw configuration is also possible in Developer, but the procedure is more or less the same.

Is the change confirmed by a green bar in the upper area?
With one of the following text:
Settings have been saved.
Settings will be transferred/saved at the next wake-up interval. (or something similar)?

You can find the actual values of all paired devices also in Developer.

I tried the procedure again and indeed it states that that 'settings will be transferred/saved at the next wake-up interval". That’s strange since the sensor has been waked up, which is confirmed by the flashing led. When I look in Developer the values are as I have changed them. Question however is if these values are those actually saved in the sensor or are these the values present on Homey. The sensor is configured to automatically wake-up every 8 hours, it then should save the values also. Is there a way to actually dump the values from the sensor?

I guess these are the values from the sensor, but I’m not 100% sure. Maybe ask caseda.

Did you restart Homey or made PTP?

No, did not re-start my Homey, should I? What do you mean with PTP (Point to Point?).

Sometimes it is useful to restart Homey.
PTP = Pull The Plug
This means to pull the plug for at least 15 Minutes.

I don’t know if it will fix the problem, I guess not, but it’s just a try.