Setting a simple pause or delay when Homey asks a question

Hi everyone,

Been looking for a simple solution to place a simple pause or delay in a flow where a question is asked.

The flow is as follows: When I get home I am detected by SmartPresence. Then Homey asks me (immediately, even before my door is opened) if Homey should turn on the TV with my Harmony Hub.

This works great but I would like to add a simple delay when the question is asked by homey. It should wait around 10 seconds before asking the question when I enter my home. I can’t enter a delay on a question speech card like we can with many other cards.

How do you guys add delays in Homey?

I dont have a Homey yet but i have a idea. With the precence detection you start only a timer of 10 seconds. I don’t no if it is possible but you trigger the flow when this timer ends… But i don’t no if it is possible to use te ending of een timer as a trigger of a flow.

Delays can only be set on actions so you should make two flows:

  1. when you come home and time is after 19.30 and movement is on start flow2 with 10sec delay
  2. when this flow is started and ask question then do the rest

Ok, will try that. Thought there should have been a simpler solution to just wait a few secs but of this works it works :smile::+1:

Thanks for the input guys.