Set up somfy rts control with composio remote

All tutorials about controlling Somfy RTS blinds from Homey seem to require the Telis remote. My remote is a Composio. Does anyone know if I need to buy a telis remote to set this up, or can it be done with the Composio? I have 6 blinds and would prefer not to buy 6 telis remotes to configure them all

Dont know if it works with the remote you have, did you even give it a try?

And you dont need to buy 6 telis remotes, as you can conect them to the first one then connect the blind to homey. Then connect the telis to the other one ect ect ect

Thanks for your answer. I am about to leave vera plus for a Homey Pro, and just investigating a bit before making the purchase. I tried connecting to the blinds using the rfxtrx with the vera but with no success. However, if I can get around this with just one Telis thats affordable. But can I connect a telis to my blinds without messing up the functionality of my current remote?

Its possible to connect more remotes to the blinds, so i guess its oke.

There is an application so called =SUNWAY WINDOW COVERINGS=, that I downloaded and inside you choose “Brel Blinds” app that after installation works like a charm! Set up of 11 blinds took something like 14 minutes. Check it out

I use both the Vera Plus and Homey with the Smoove wall panel. I don’t think it matters which remote you have as long as it’s paired with your blinds AFAIK.