Set timer 1hr after sunrise

Hi, I am a new Homey user and want to set a timer for the lights in the room. Switch on at 7 AM, switch off 1 hr after sunrise. To switch them on is not a problem, and I also found the ‘sunrise’ condition for the flow. This also has an option to set minutes, but this ends up as minutes before sunrise. I tried to enter a negative amount, but that does not work… How can I set the timer on 1hr after sunrise?

Thanks Robert

Are you Homey Pro or Cloud?

Easiest way: Use as trigger the sunrise card and then use a 60 minute delay in the Turn-off card.

Sun goes under.

Turn off after 60 minutes.

If you are on Homey Pro, you better use Apps like Chronograph.

Hi, I äm"Homey cloud. Found the delay in the switch off action, thanks!

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