Senec Batteriespeicher

Hi there, does anybody know if there is the possibility to connect Senec from EnBw with homey (battery of photovoltaik device)
Thank you Claus-Dieter

Senec Batteries do have an API, so if someone build an App based on that, it should be possible.
But until now, there is no App for Homey available, so no not yet!

You can submit request to Homey Community App Requests - #555 by BigM

…and in the meantime check out ioBroker option - iobroker.senec - npm (via MQTT you can try to integrate into Homey)

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Do you know if there are professionell smart meters for private use available, which can provide homey with the information about the current status like: IF there is an outgoing power flow into the public power network AND somebody is at home THAN switch on the ‘device a’ in my house (in order to use the overfloading energy by myselfe). Lets assume that device a is already connected with hw.

Thank you!

According to their page they support the follwing inverters directly:

Else i might think of shelly 3m that are supported (but i don’t know if they have 2 direction flow).
These are the search results for smart meter on the homey app search:

Interesting. I am at the moment comparing battery proposals. And I am concerned and puzzled about Homey compatibility. It would be great to get more clarity on this topic - which battery systems can be linked into Homey with existing available apps.