Sending WSS websocket requests from Homey

Is there a way to send a websocket request from homey? You can’t do it using the normal GET/POST logic command.

I need to connect to a local network address at say: wss://

Once connected I’d then like to fire messages and receive JSON back which I can parse and use for virtual devices. Does anyone know of an app or way this is possible?

I think you mean Webhooks?
Advanced flows is the way to go, advanced flows has additional logic cards where a returned message can be used further in the flow.
But if you don’t want to pay for advanced flows, and aren’t in a rush to upgrade to Homey pro (early 2023), as it isn’t SDKv3, then you can use the HTTP request app.
In the near future it might be possible that this app won’t be installable anymore, even on older Homey Pros.

I need to read more properly :joy:

But there is no way a flow can do such a thing, you’ll have to create an app specifically for this, haven’t seen anything like that except for specifically certain brands that use about the same way.

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No worries, thanks for the response :slightly_smiling_face: I thought as much. I’m looking at the app side of things but it’s slow going given my knowledge of JS!

Would it be possible using HomeyScript do you know?

No, not possible.

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Cheers Robert