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Hi All,
i am implementing my Homey Cloud setup and it goes well, now i want to explore its connectivity possibilities. At home i have the bridge talking to the Homey cloud (hosted on AWS Frankfurt inside a docker container i believe). With a logic card, you see the option ‘HTTP request’. I suspected already that this request is not sent from the bridge using a private ip, but its sending from a public Cloud ip.

So i did a little test, on my FW, i forwarded both http and https to a win10 pc with wireshark (and its win FW opened for 80 & 443). when sending from a test flow the http request to my public ip, then indeed i saw in wireshark the request attempt coming from a public AWS address. Sending https did not work, in the flow i got a exclamation mark, and nothing in wireshark. of course, that could be because of missing certificates and its ssl offloading.

The questions i have:
-is there a standard domain name or fixed ip used by Homey cloud to send the http requests ?
-Despite saying ‘HTTP request’, is HTTPS also working ? (i do not want to send plain http over the internet

This way, using the http request from Homey cloud, i could even send this back to my home network and get it processed there (but only with https, http is not secure enough)


I doubt it.

It should work, but only if the HTTPS endpoint provides a properly (CA-)signed certificate.

From what I understood, OP is looking for the other way around: sending HTTP(S) requests from flows.

“At home i have the bridge talking to the Homey cloud”, so I assume there’s no Homey Pro in play.

To really add something I hope:

There are several sites online to return your info, fe http://httpbin.org/anything but maybe only for Advanced Flows as it returns the info in JSON.

But with a Homey (cloud)

Go to https://webhook.site/ and copy the generated URL there and switch to another Tab to create your Flow:

Then Execute the Flow from Cloud and see the result in your original WebHook.site TAB.

Here the links from two Athom Pods:

  • prod-eucentral1-001
  • prod-useast2-001

Ow, and for the ones with a Pro with Advance Flows:

(Latest also works with https :wink: )

BTW: A restart of Homey (cloud) did not direct change my source IP address, not yet… No guaranties for when Athom does maintenance!


thanks, useful info. The only reason for a fixed source ip might be when i route the request back to my home lan for further processing, so i can whitelist the source ip. But whois ip showed it comes from aws ip range. At least i can limit to aws ip.

This info you will also get with app < converter > and UptimeRobot

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@Dijker I’m trying to get something similar done, and saw on your screen shot that you can keep track of the outputs. I’d be very interested to know how you got that log!