New Homey as a Service and Homey Bridge

I followed the keynote yesterday and I’m wondering if apps using my local network will still work.

Like Papertrails which is logging to my SysLog server, and apps like HTTP request flow cards / Ubiquiti Unifi Network / Plugwise Smile P1 who make a connection to devices in my local network.

Do i need to open ports and make some NAT rules on my router now the computerpart of Homey has moved to the cloudservers?

What I really missed in the presentation: will there be a migration-path from Homey ‘on-premises’ to the Homey Bridge and Homey as cloud service?

My guess is that the apps you mention won’t work from Homey Cloud. However, your Homey (Pro) will keep working as before.

With all the info we have now: no. It’s rebuilding the whole thing in the cloud.