HTTP request in flow for Homey Bridge

I’am quite new to Homey and started with a Bridge to get to know the system.
I have a lot of custom hardware i.e. WLED ledstrip drivers.

I can control those strips quite easily from HTTP requests like: http://wled-keuken/win&A=255 to set them to full brightness.

In the Flows section of my Homey app, there is a card in the Logic section to send a HTTP request. The before mentioned request is send as a GET with the variable to send the brightness. The return values don’t matter for me.

Does anyone know how to perform the request from the HTTP card? I tried number of variations, but no luck.

Thanks in advance.

Homey Cloud doesn’t have access to local WiFi devices (it doesn’t matter if you have the Bridge or not).

The only way to send webhooks to local devices from homey cloud is to expose the internal ip to public ip in your firewall. And send the http post or get to this public ip.
BUT!, this is a huge security issue as you open your internal ip to the outside.

The way i did this was to whitelist the source (public) ip from homey cloud, so the firewall only forwards traffic to the local device if it comes from your homey cloud instance.

In addition , i filter on layer 7, so the http body content is changed (rolling change) using an algorithm which only the firewall understands.

This might be for advanced users only, but you get the point. It must be secure.