Searching for just a knob


Does anybody know if there is a knob available in the market which just sends one
message out when you push it: —>>>“I am pressed”.
I am not searching for a switch with on/off capability or with more possibilities (to expensive).
Just a knob with one message: I am pressed. Period. :wink:


Something like this?

Or the Aqara zigbee push buttons (up to 4 functions by pressing 1-4 times)?

This is probably the least expensive one!

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And it’s a lot smaller and better than the Fibaro zwave button

And compared to Fibaro button it works without issues :grin:. Fully recommend Aqara!

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Whatever you do, do not get the Fibaro button. Piece of crap, all 4 I had died on me and barely used.
I wouldn’t even recommend it to my enemies.

Aqara in the other hand has been working superb.

Okay guys, I got the message. :sweat_smile:

I haven’t used any of the buttons (aqara or fibaro). This was just the first one that came to mind. So @pvkan: buy the aqara button :wink:

Thank you all.
The Aqara mini switch will do the job ( )
Also very nice (small) size.

I am gonna email uncle Ali :wink:


Are you sure this is the one you need/want? If I see this, I think this is the rf version and not the Zigbee version that I recommanded. The rf versions always need an extra Hub as far as I know!

Edit: Sorry false alarm:

Because of my impatience I bought the Aqara switch in NL anyway.
Nice small button with 3(not 4) triggers (short press, long press, release button).
And indeed, a great switch that just always works.
Thank you all for the tips and help.

Case closed :wink:


Aqara Zigbee button works fine, but as with most zigbee equipment, you will have to re-add it to Homey every other month. (Add new device, put in pairing mode, get “already exist” then it works afterwards).

Where this one comes from?

I don’t have this experience at all. Works without issues for months already

Hmm, I’ve had issues with all Aqara devices, having to keep re-adding them.

Seems like they work OK for 6 months, then you have to start re-adding every now and then. Philips Light suddenly won’t switch off using Aqara, does react immediately from app - turn off/on from app - switch suddenly works. But sometimes it won’t work at all, and I have to bring the switch over to Homey, re-add (without deleting) and it’s online again.