Script and ALEXA app

Hi all

i’m using ALEXA app to sync with HOMEY my Bticino devices. It seems a good solution, untill someone will develop the Bticino APP (i hope). I have two problems:

  1. After a restart of Homey, the ALEXA app must be configure, i need to login inside the alexa site even if it was done before. It seems that every restart the ALEXA app is reset
  2. I need to update the status of the Bticino devices. If i use another app to switch on/off a device, the homey app is not updated.

Can i solve these problems with a homeyscript?
Is there a script to force an update of a device status?
Is there a script to login to an external service (like ALEXA) everytime i need?

Hi Infor
About the bticino app request, you can search for that app request first, and if not requested yet, then you can do a request for an app here
And maybe, some developers in the French or Italian sections of this forum can help out?

Hope this helps you a bit!

Well, this is very fast. I hope it is what you are looking for. Also in French available!