Screens with Faher engine

Hi there,
I am new to homey and all of its features.

In a few days time my first homey arrives. But i am wondering if it will work with my screens, they are fitted with Faher engines and remotes. Do I need more hardware?

Thanks in advance

Do you have a link to the device and manual?

Not yet, I have send them An email. Hope they will respond soon.

All I have is the website

@Mark_Fijn did it work with the Faher engines and remotes? I’m just about ordering screens and need to know if they are compatible with homey.
Thank you!

They work on a 5 channel remote, 433Mhz. Trying to figure out how to learn my homey the correct commands to send them…

Hi, sorry for the late reply. Been very busy with other things in life. Just starting to dig in again at my faher remotes.

Have you bought faher or differant once?

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the reply.
Just bought default simple motors and connected them with Qubino shutters. This is working fine now!
I was afraid that 433Mhz wasn’t strong enough. Homey is downstairs and the screens are upstairs. The house was built last year, so lots of isolation that interferes with the 433Mhz signal.