Save values and send a list

Im trying to find a way to store temperature values from an Aqara sensor i.e. every hour and then at the end of the day forward this as a message on the CallMeBot.

It is probably simple for those of you that knows programming, I have tried to look around but struggle to figure out how to start. So if someone can help me or point me in the right direction it would be highly appreciated.

Can’t you use Insights reloaded for that?
Or maybe Device capabilities app, which shall have option to recall insight stored previously (never used though for such use case)


Insights Reloaded

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Could you please explain your use case a little bit more?
Do you need 24 single temperature values a day? Or the average of the 24 single values?

If you want 24 single values a day, you can use 24 numeric logic variables and store the values every hour in another variable.
If you want the average you can use 2 numeric values and do some calculations.

Other solutions are to use the App Google Sheets or Easy Logger. Every hour you can store the values in a Google Sheet and at the end of the day you can send a message with the link to the Google Sheet.

I don’t know how to program, sorry.

Thank you very much for all the help. I have manage to store values using easy logger in a google sheet. Is there a way to read from such sheet and send values the values i.e. with the callmebot

When I look at the Google sheets cards, I don´t see how you could send sheets using an other Homey app

I was thinking of combining the ideas of 24 variables and the Device Capabilities app, into an advanced virtual device with 24 temperature sensors.
That way you’ll have an actual overview of the last 24 hrs from right now, and you can send all 24 values at the end of the day with CallMeBot.

The device:
Settings for one of the 24 sensors:

How it looks on the device tile:
Screenshot from 2023-04-15 19-25-57

In the example I made flows for the first 3 hours and the last hour, but ofcourse the flows for the other hours have to be stuffed in between

Detail: getting all the tags of the adv. virtual device into the CallMeBot card:

CallMeBot message (using Signal in my case):
Screenshot from 2023-04-15 19-39-25

@riiskongen Are you using a SQL database somewhere in your LAN (on a NAS)? Than you could use the SQL client app to store changed values to a database and at the end of the day you can select the daily values and send them with a message (push, CallMeBot…).
If this would be an option for you, just ask. I can assist you…

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Thank you very much the advanced device worked perfect. Just what I was looking for. Thank you all for the help

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Just an info: If you only want to have a summary of the single hour values via push message at the end of the day, then you don’t need an additional device (AVD) and an additional app (Device Capabilities). This works the same way with 24 variables as I wrote above.
The only advantage of the AVD is that you can check the hourly values in a convenient way. Without the AVD, you can also check the values in the logic area of the Homey app (More → Logic).