Send variable value to device

Hi everyone,

I would like to request a feature to allow sending the value of a user variable to a device.

I have window sensors and thermostats.
When I open the window, I read the current heating status (off, comfort, economic, boost, manual) from the thermostat to a variable A. Next I turn off the thermostat.
When I now close the window, I would like to send the last heating status as stored in variable A to the thermostat again.

Unfortunately, for now I can only set the thermostat status to one of the pre-selected states. It is not possible to send the value of the variable A.

Isn’t it possible with the app Zone Memory?

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Wasn’t expecting to need an app but this works a treat!

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You can also do this woth flowcards of the Device capabilities app. It allowes to set pickers through freetextfields.