Pass variable in Google Home to Homey

When activating a routine in Google Home I would like to pass on a variable to Homey. Is this even possible?


  1. Daikin Airco connected to Homey
  2. Virtual Device setup in Homey that is visible in Google Home (On/OFF powerplug)
  3. Routine that is activated and switches on/off the virtual device and triggers the Airco.

Now I would like to pass on an instruction to set the temperature to i.e. 23 degrees. I have defined a variable. But would I be even possible to set the value by voice since Homey cannot longer be used?


The virtual device that you need is a virtual thermostat. There is an app that can provide that for you. Google can accept commands to set the temperature of a thermostat. Using flows you can then react to the set temperature in your flows.