How to enable airco using google home

I added google home to Homey and tried to activate my airco units, but no succes.

I control both airco units with the remotec app and this works within Homey fine.
I also installed the vthermo app for more control, this also works fine in Homey.

When i open the google Homey app i see 2 (vthermo + remotec) themostats per device/airco.
But it does not matter which thermostat i use i cannot activate the airco, when i give a voice command ‘hey google zet airco aan’ the airco is turned on, but the strange thing is that i cannor change the temperature, not with voice command nor with the google app. Changing the temp does nothing, nor the vtherm nor the remotec thermostat.
This happens on both airco units.

My question is:
How can i change the temp of the airco unit using the google home app?