Save current LED color into variable?


Is there any way to save the current LED-ring color to a Homey variable?
Is it a known issue that flows setting the LED-ring color for say more than 60+ minutes fails?


Homey cloud or - Pro?
And share your flow. My crystal ball got nicked yesterday…

I’m on Homey Pro. I don’t have a flow yet.
Background: I will set the LED ring color depending on a Stock Index. I would like to save that color into a variable to be used in another flow.

Isn’t this easier:
From the flow that sets the color, you can start an other flow; the flow which you want to run if that color is set :wink:

But, you can always install these two apps and see if they create tags for colors, or just ask the developer, @martijnpoppen :grimacing:

Color variables are not supported.
But you could set predefined flows with ledring colelction or led it be and re-use those

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Thank you both! I think I will resolve it by creating a “lookup table” where my 4 predefined colors in HEX in my current flow will be saved to a “Green”, “Red” “Orange” and “Yellow” variable. Then my other flow will check for those color-strings and IF->Else to the exact predefined HEX color in my second flow!