Setting Homey Ring brightness from a flow

Hi. I wanted to change the ring brightness from a few of my flows and ran into some problems. Seems whatever I feed it it won’t change brightness. Anyone else had this problem? I can set it to a specific value using the slider, but not directly from the value of another device. Seems I cannot directly set the value as a number either.

I’ve tried both of these (and more).

You have to use a value between 0 and 1 ( 0.13 ) or a percentage like:

( The Lamp is a virtual, dimable, device, I used the AND because I don’t want to set it to zero)

And then use a delay to give Homey some time to actually set the variable before using it?

Thanks guys. I’ve tried both 0<>1 and 0<>100 for values, but…For one running the test from my computer didn’t work at all. When I added the delay and changed the set number value to set a variable I started getting a “not a value” error.

Isn’t this the right syntax to divide luminancy by 100?

The change of brightness is not very clear on Homey, I have it set to 0.01 and it is still quite bright indoor, you better test it first with fixes values to see for your self how the Homey Led Ring reacts on this.

For the most part I use set values for the ring, but this calculation would be the base for the rest of my dynamic lighting. Do you see what’s wrong with it causing the “not a number” error?

Removed the brackets and it seems to work now. I’ll play around with it some more, avoiding the dynamic ring values :slight_smile:

Is there a rule of thumb as to what delay one should use when setting a variable?