Samsung washing machine

Is there any way to add a Samsung washing machine to homey? I have added it to SmartThings.

There are 2 SmartThings apps, one by Athom in the official store and one by me in the HCS.
They both support washing machines via SmartThings.

I cant find it?

You’re right. It’s not there anymore.
I’m certain it was, at some point…

I know Athom had some issues, so maybe they pulled it rather than fix it.
If you wan to try mine it is in the HCS Homey Community Store

It seems like the download button is greyed out. How do I download?

You will need to login to the HCS and install the HCS app on your Homey. Thee are tips in this thread Homey Community App Store - #144 by Renzo

I have also found the Athom app link but not sure if it is working: