Samsung QLED Ambient mode

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I’m new here.

I’m thinking of buying a big 75inch Samsung Qled tv. I really like their Ambient mode, so that I don’t have a huge black square hanging on my wall. Does anyone know if Ambient mode is supported in the Samsung app? so that I can make a flow: if I’m coming home -> turn on tv and set on Ambient mode.
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Did you get a response…I am looking at creating a flow to the exact same thing.


Like this?

exactly …what app is that one…my app samsung smarttv only has the following controls and am having trouble sending the keys anyway!
Would love how to get your one.
Samsung q80 55 series

Its this one.

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My tv is Samsung NEO 85“

Thanks this is exactly the app I have except in English. I guess that even though my TV had ambient mode its not supported in the app for this model…In saying this, my TV was one of the first models with ambient mode so I guess that’s it.
Am having trouble sending keys though to manually get there.
Thanks for your helo

Nice im gonna use it too!