Same device in two different "Rooms"

Hi All
I am quite new to Homey and have a probably stupid question for you experts :slight_smile:
I have many temp sensors and have put them in the room they belong to, and this is working just fine.
This is Homey Pro 2023

Is it possible to create a Room called “Temp” and have a duplicate of all the Temp sensors in this “room” without removing them from the rooms they belong to??.
Make a copy/duplicate/ or someting of these sensors?


Make virtual devices that mirrors the temp sensors, and put those in the Temp room (update the virtual devices with flows)

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I will give this a try. and I guess you mean download “Virtual Devices” app for this solution
Thank for the Tip :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s the app I used. Then I update the virtual device with a flow like this:

Aha, Nice, Thank you for sharing this with me, will try this later today and see if this is something I can manage :slight_smile: