Map of your home(y) with data of every room

I was wondering if anybody ever had the idea of making an app that shows a map of your home and the devices in it, so you could have a global view of your house and the data, for example the temperature in different areas or which door is opened or closed.

Something like the picture above but then with data inside the rooms or the exact places in your home.

Cause i have some ideas about it, but no time nor the knowledge to do something like that.

Or if some one is already working on something like it i am open to do some beta testing/reviewing :face_with_monocle:.

This would be awesome. If you have some time, you can do this with Home Assistant. I’ve spent many hours but I have a map with all my sensors and lights.
I have an overview with graphs of all my temperatures and humidity.

It’s another app, but nothing is perfect (Homey for connectivity, HomeKit for easy interaction and Home Assistant for information).

It would be great of this would be implemented into a app for homey that you could run on a tablet or something.

But i will look into the home assistant, the only thing is that home assistant is a completely different domotica system. So, is it possible to run them both through one system? for example home assistent in homey or the other way around?

You can publish all your sensors with MQTT. Which is quite a complicated thing to get into, but when everything works it’s great.
I still use my Hue bridge, and you can hook it up to Homey, HomeKit and Home Assistant at the same time.

There is a lot of info here and on the Home Assistant forum. I am now thousands of lines of configuration further and I have a nice glanceable interface on my iPad.

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This all seems to be a lot of work to do after a little research i have done now.
If i have the time i am going to look further into it.

I thank you very much for your information.

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Install HA: Getting Started - Home Assistant

Use MQTT to link with HA: [TUTORIAL] Setting up MQTT on Homey for configuring Home Assistant for dashboard purposes

Start walking first and go running after this, learn the basics start with building a simple example dashboard, learn how the different cards work, Lovelace, get familiar with basic yaml editing, because you will need that believe me!

After this make a basic picture elements example, have a look at this for instance: , read, play, investigate, build… curse and start over, believe me I’m already in version 6 now :slight_smile:

So after this, and you know the basics, you can use probably something like this flow;

Step 1: Preparations

  • Make a plan what you want to do with the floorplan, managing lights, music, sensors…
  • On what device are you going to use, view the floorplan, phone, tablet, monitor, TV, Nest hub…
  • What’s the purpose of the floorplan, view, monitor, or mange as a switchboard for instance
    – lights, media, sensors, camara’s…
    – Get a list of all the entities you are going to use in the floorplan, you need this later…
  • Do you have a plan of the house, rooms, the measurements, furniture measurements…, so how detailed you want to go, you will need this information to build the plan itself…
  • …

Step 2: The floorplan itself…

Step 3: Put the floorplan in lovelace…

Step 4: The config of @lukevink GitHub - lukevink/hass-config-lajv: Home Assistant Configuration

  • I never have seen a more detailed config as this one, but still if your all new to this, it’s still quite overwhelming believe me it was for me :slight_smile: so go true this part by part and try to rebuild the config from luke first, all the images are in his config, just replace the entities with yours and see of you get this working, no it will not be only copy and paste :wink:
  • Start with installing the custom cards, integrations for this to work, you can use Hacs for most of these:

The list is probably not complete, but out of my head;

After this and you get the hang of it, start a new dashboard and start creating your dream dashboard

Optional: you can also have a look at this option: here you use a custom card to get more or less the same, I prefer the solution of @lukevink but depending on what you want it can also be an option for you?

The developer also created a very simple tool to get the coordinates of elements you want to put in your floor plan, believe me it makes it a lot faster than fiddling with the code yourself :wink:

I know this is probably not what you wanted to hear, but I’m afraid it will not be plug and play, more pray in the beginning to be honest :wink:

So believe me it takes some time, effort to get to this result, but the feeling when you get this done, is so overwhelming and satisfying that it was worth the time you put in to this, also when your wife, loved ones say OK I have to say this is quite nice and handy I can see me using this will make your whole day :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck, and off course share your ideas, results back here always fun, educational so see what other people have designed!


Hey @Danny_Mertens This seems like a load of work to do, but in a weird way also pretty funny to workout. I am going to try and follow the steps.

I can’t thank you enough for al this information :smiley:

Plug and Pray is something that happens allot with the work i am doing so that will be no problem :laughing:

I hoop that al the future frustrations & praying will pay of.

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