Ruuvi tags lost connection from bridge

Hi, 4 days ago i lost connection to all my ruuvi tags

i have the homey bridge and homeify app

Tried resetting my ruuvi tags but no luck

Tried deleting one of the tags and re pairing but then it does not show

Anyone with a solution?

Hej Torgeir,

RuuviTag should not work with cloud/bridge, according to the app store:

There you can find an email link to contact the Homeify developer

Hi peter
I am not using the ruvvi tag application
I use the homeify and the homeify application is supposed to talk to the ruvvi tags and the homify app is compatible with bridge

I actually got good values from the tags last week but then they froze

Ah okay, then it’s best to email the Homeify developer I guess. It’s to be found at the bottom of the app store’s app page.