Roller Shutter device status

Hi all,
I’m using 10 Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 modules and works fine.
From smartphone, the device icon does not show the status of the roller, if it is open, partially open or closed.
Because roller are associated to my house security, I need to ensure they are closed, and so I need to control them from the mobile app.
From the Web interface, i have this type of information by looking the “position” percent value, but an icon may be very much WAF, no ? :slight_smile:

Currently, from smartphone, I need to open each roller device and check each status of them.
It’s so long to check each of them, one by one.
My need is to have the status from “Devices” menu, on the device tile directly, like lamp status.

Do you think it’s possible to implement an icon status in the right-up corner of the device like lamp ?

Thanks in advance.

The wish is not new to display certain values (e.g. temperature, status of roller shutters, etc.) in an icon. Hopefully Athom will implement this at some point (if it is possible).

Currently, however, it is also possible with a workaround. For that you need the Virtual Devices App, a logic variable and a flow:

Virtual Devices App:
– Install Virtual Device App
– click on the + in the menu "Devices
– select the Virtual Device App → Devices → Connect
– assign a name, e.g. “RollerShutter” → Next
– select an icon, e.g. the one of the roller shutter or insert your own icon
– select device class “Thermostat” → target temperature → Min = 0 / Max = 100 / Step = 1 → next

Logic variable:
– click on “More” in the Homey smartphone app.
– logic → + → assign a name, e.g. “RollerShutterCalc” → type = number → value = 0 → confirm
Note: You can of course also create a variable in the Better Logic app.

– Dimming level changed
– Calculate a numeric variable → Select variable “RollerShutterCalc” → Formula {{Dimmlevel*100}}
Note: Dimmlevel is the tag of the relevant roller shutter.
– Virtual devices “RollerShutter” → Set the temperature → Select the tag/variable “RollerShutterCalc” + 1 sec delay



However, it is also possible to check the status of the shutters and, for example, send a push message if a shutter is not closed.


Excellent !
This is a great workaround and thank you very much !

Hope Athom will implement this feature natively into each device soon.

Again thank you !

@fantross That’s the trick indeed, Dirk, and well explained.
The values are recently shown using the “big tile” view in
But why isn’t the mobile app updated with the same functionality then… Homey stated because the mobile screen is too small for such a view.
Well, below is a webapp view on my… mobile phone🤔

@Peter_Kawa i’m using the Web view to control the Homey from my computer and make many changes quickly instead of mobile App, and yes, the “Big Tile” view correspond to my need.
I understand the Jomey team position, but if the big tile is not an option, then many other tricks can do the job.
That’s why of my topic, I think it’s possible to make tiles on smartphone more completed because there is empty space in right-up corner of the tile for roller shutter by exemple.

That’s what I’d like to see too. As I wrote, if they can accomplish it with the “big tile” web app view, why not give the choice of this view to default tiles in mobile app.

But Athom knows what we want :wink:
Here the creatieve chief explains who uses the web app, and who uses the mobile app :flushed:. I use both by the way.